In 2016, the government of Canada consulted the Canadians about the transportation system. This consultation highlights that Canadians want incentives and regulations which enable to :

  • Reduce carbon pollution
  • Get people to use more efficient modes of transport
  • Encourage the use of new technologies

Our aim is to contribute to this national shift by reducing environmental impacts, especially air pollution, and embracing new technologies.

70% of Canadians use their cars to work within 5 km of their home. And a vast majority of these commutes are done alone in the vehicle. Think about all that waste of energy, pollution and money!

Our electric fat bikes would be an excellent alternative for this type of journey, from an ecological point of view, but also economical. Indeed, EzyWheel bikes will let you roam in the streets with an electrical assistance for up to 60 km, which is enough to get you at work for one week with only one charge!

Are you ready to have a big positive impact?

Are you ready to embrace the change with us, all year long, while being ecologically conscious and in style?

We are. Join us.



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