The Future of Mobility

Our mission is to provide an ecological alternative of mobility for canadians. For this, we offer performant and stylish electrical bikes at the lowest prices. Our electrical bikes are a perfect ecological and economical solution for your daily commutes.

Our Mission

Driven by a profound ecological consciousness, our mission is to bring the future of mobility to Canadians and its neighbours. We believe electric cycling is a great and effortless alternative to any short commutes and we thrive to give you the most affordable solution. Our vision is to democratize the electric fat bike which goes beyond EzyWheel. Imagine a world where cars are limited to long distance trips! Created in Montréal, QC, EzyWheel is collaborating like IMMENSE with local businesses to support the local economy. Join us for an EzyAdventure!

Winter Friendly

The EzyOne is an electric dirt bike made for winter. Even in freezing temperatures or blizzards, we tested the bike under extreme conditions and had no issues whatsoever. Would it be on snowy paths of your local park, downtown icy roads or on the slushy bike paths, you can take your electric fat bike everywhere!

A Local Story

Ezywheel was born in the middle of winter in Montreal when two friends around a coffee were talking about their impatience to bike to work as soon as the weather permitted. The idea was simple, we wanted an alternative way to move totally free in our city, without any constraint (licence or insurance), for more than 6 months (in Canada, the winter lasts 6 months), while respecting our environment. The electrical bike with fat tires became the solution...


Full Warranty

Your EzyBike is covered for manufacturer defects for 1 year. We will directly take care of the issue and fix it if we can. If the issue is beyond repair and is due to a production defect, we will provide replacement of the part without any fee. For more details, please consult the warranty page.

Easy Assembly

Our bike is very ezy to assemble. If you do it yourself, it won't take you more than 30 minutes to be able to be on your way and enjoy the freedom. Our bikes come 80% already assembled and all the tools needed are included.

Street Legal

NO LICENSE REQUIRED ! Under Canadian laws, our electric bikes go up to 32km/h, which means it is considered a bicycle and does not require a driving license. Please check your local regulation to make sure you're compliant but most of North American cities have the same rules.
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