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The Future of Mobility

Our mission is to provide an ecological mobility alternative for Canadians. For this, we offer quality electric bikes at the best prices. Our ebikes are a perfect ecological and economical solution for your daily rides.

Our Mission

Driven by a deep ecological conscience, our mission is to bring the future of mobility to Canadians and their neighbors. We believe e-bikes are a superb alternative requiring little to no effort for all short trips and we strive to provide you with a most affordable alternative. Our vision is to democratize the electric bicycle, which goes beyond EzyWheel. Imagine a world where cars are limited to long rides!

A Winter Bike

The EzyOne is an electric mountain bike designed for winter. Even in freezing temperatures or blizzards, we tested the bike in extreme conditions and had no issues. Whether it's on the snowy trails in your local park, on icy downtown roads, or on muddy bike paths, you can take your electric fat bike anywhere!

A Local Story

Ezywheel was born in the middle of winter in Montreal when two friends over coffee talked about their impatience to cycle to work as soon as the weather permitted. The idea was born, to create an all season alternative, without any constraint (license or insurance), while respecting our environment..

To Try It Is To Adopt It

Because we know that such a purchase is not done blindly, we offer you the opportunity to test our bikes at your convenience.
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    By answering a few simple questions, we'll help you choose the right electric bike for your needs and tastes.

    EZY Features

    Full Warantee

    Your bicycle is covered for manufacturing defects for one year. We will take care of the problems directly and fix them ourselves if we can. If the problem is beyond our competence and is due to a defect, we offer a replacement of the defective components at no cost. For more details, please see the warranty page.

    Easy Assembly

    Our bike is very easy to assemble. If you do it yourself, it won't take you more than 30 minutes to be on the road and enjoy this new freedom. Our bikes come 80% assembled and all necessary tools are included.

    Street Legal

    NO LICENSE REQUIRED! According to Canadian law, this electric bike rides up to 32.5 km / h and the motor has a rated power of 500W, which means it is considered a bicycle and does not require any special permit, registration or assurance. Please check your local laws, but most North American cities have the same laws.
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    Excellent Customer Service
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    Best Price For Quality
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