Ezywheel was born in the middle of winter in Montreal when two friends around a coffee were talking about their impatience to bike to work as soon as the weather permitted.

The idea was simple, we wanted an alternative way to move totally free in our city, without any constraint (licence or insurance), for more than 6 months (in Canada, the winter lasts 6 months), while respecting our environment. The electrical bike with fat tires became the solution.

Ezywheel is a company based in Montreal, founded by two friends who are passionate about biking as are 4.2 million of Quebecors. We want to bring this passion available all year in this snowy country while respecting and supporting our environment.

Guillaume, Co-Founder of  EzyWheel 

Miled, Co-Founder of  EzyWheel 


 Our EzyWheel bikes will let you roam in the streets with an electrical assistance for 60 km. Out of battery? No worries, you can still pedal to your destination!

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