How To Make At Least $40/Hr With Uber Eats In 2021

UberEats has been the get-go solution for students, workers or unfortunate people who lost their regular jobs during the pandemic or even hustlers who know Uber Eats can really pay off. Whatever your situation, there is always room for improvement and efficiency when it comes to making money delivering food.
In this article we'll share with you a very effective strategy in the age of smart mobility and time management that'll grant you at least 40 bucks an hour.


The Hypothesis 

If you're familiar with the platform and its revenue, you know that earnings depend on several factors, for all intent in this article, we have taken the below assumptions for you to relate and compare to your strategy :

- Trips have done only during lunch time from 1130am to 1330pm
- This experiment takes place in Montreal, QC
- The cost related to electricity are very low, we excluded them from the analysis

If you find different results with the same hypothesis, keep in mind that demand can fluctuate, as does traffic, road conditions and your trip efficiency. 


The Old Way Of Doing Uber Eats

Most of the consumers expect the delivery guy to be in a car driving around the city grabbing and delivering food. Although this could be a good hustle if you live in rural or remote places, most of the demand is in the city, which means trips are shorter, average speed is medium-low, traffic could be a nightmare and road closures are very frequent.

In a recent analysis/post/study, results shown that using cars to do Uber Eats has the following consequences :

- Accelerate wear and tear from you car (increasing maintenance costs long term)
- Gas is a big expenses in your P&L
- Your carbon footprint is 120g per km on average which is something to consider

Using your car to delivery food with Uber not only is not that great to make money with reported earnings from $15 to 25$ per hour but it adds pollution, traffic and noise. And the pay after expenses reaches down $11 to $16 per hour...


The Best Way To Do Uber Eats in 2021

Now down to business and why you're here. By following the 5 steps below, you'll understand how we were able to reach a $40/hr earnings.

1. Get An Ebike !

Electric Bikes or E-Bikes have been around for decades now but they are becoming more and more accessible. At EzyWheel, it is our mission to make them as accessible as possible to a broad audience. 

With an entry price at 1799$ CAD, the EzyOne with the 13Ah battery option has one of the best cost value electric bike in the country. The comfort, speed, quality and expandable autonomy of the bike makes it a very strong choice to do Uber Eats.

We now offer the possibility to future Uber Eats drivers only to rent the bike on a weekly basis for only 280$ CAD. Break it down by days of lease and it only costs 40$ per day (which you can make in an hour).


2. Carefully Select Your Rides

The rule of thumb we tried to follow as much as possible during rush hour is to only accept rides with a 2$ per km ratios payout. This ensures you're getting the right amount of money for your time. Don't be afraid to refuse rides that are not attractive, with the increase of demand, you'll always have a better offer. Sure it might take a few minutes to get a new and better opportunity but it'll be worth it.

While selecting the right rides with the above technique, make sure to be as busy as possible, which means being alert to new ride offers while completing a course. This ensures you're already booked after your next drop-off and reduces your down time.

3. Take Advantage Of Promotions

Before driving around the city, the Uber Eats app generously shows on the map the busiest districts at any given time. Making sure you hit these spots is a must to take advantage of the bonus per ride which will increase your total payoff. The surges occur during breakfast, lunch and dinner time, so logically work during these hours.

4. Carefully Select Your Working Hours

As mentioned above, working during eating times and special events is absolutely crucial. Remember, you're trying to maximize your profitability, don't spent time working at odd hours. Your goal is to make sure every minute you are on your bike is for delivering food.

5. Smile !

Being courteous, respectful and smiling to each and every customer is non negotiable. This will enable you to get satisfied customers which will result in great reviews and hopefully in the end great tips.

Tips play a MAJOR part of your payout as you can see below. You have the advantage of delivering the order faster than a regular bike and most often time than not faster than a car, customers will appreciate that.

You can see that tips make 40% of the total payout, it is critical to follow a great line of conduct to ensure these tips are flowing. And be on the lookout for sushi orders, by experience these customers are pretty generous.

Let's Talk About Profitability

Now let's crunch the numbers.

 If you follow the above advices, you'll make between 40$ to 50$ CAD per hour.

Let's explore the 2 options below :

1. You rent the bike

We just started to offer this option to wannabe Uber drivers or veteran looking to increase their per hour rate. It's very simple. We lease you for a week a fully functioning EzyOne electric bike, which has a 500W motor and a 48V 17Ah removable battery and a charger for only 280$CAD tax included. We can also rent you the delivery bag for free. It's an all included package great if you don't want to upfront a large some of money.

You pay at the end of the week which means you don't have any money to put upfront. At the end of the week, you can either give the bike back or keep it for another week.

That option will cost you 40$CAD per day which with the above practices you'll pay off in 1 hour. The rest of your day goes in your pocket!

Contact us if you want to be set up !

2. You purchase the bike

You prefer to own your ride and pocket the profit after paying it off, let's look how long it would take you to pay your bike off depending on the battery option.

A basic work day delivering food is 2 hours for lunch time (11am -1pm) and 2 hours for dinner time (6pm - 8 pm). We'll based our calculations on 4 hours per day on Uber Eats, which should yield approximately 160$ CAD per day.

You choose the EzyOne with the 13Ah battery. The autonomy of a fully charged battery is from 30 to 50 km. The sale price is 1799$ CAD + tax which you could pay off in 13 days (1799*1,15/160 = 12,9 days)

You choose the EzyOne with the 14,5Ah battery. The autonomy of a fully charged battery is from 40 to 60 km. The sale price is 1999$ CAD + tax which you could pay off in 15 days (1999*1,15/160 = 14,4 days)

You choose the EzyOne with the 17,5Ah battery. The autonomy of a fully charged battery is from 60 to 90 km. The sale price is 2299$ CAD + tax which you could pay off in 17 days (2299*1,15/160 = 16,5 days)

 It is worth mentioning that the biggest counter argument to biking with Uber Eats is the winter season. Although being adequately equipped for that season is not arguable, the EzyOne has passed the hivernal test with its fat tires. Making money during this season will be down to gears and motivation, but still largely doable.

The Final Word

You see it more and more and it's because it's working. Delivering food with Uber Eats or any other food delivery app on an electric bike is faster, more comfortable, more profitable and better for the environment. With some discipline, a few tricks and an ebike, you could make more than 3,000$ per month working 4 hours per day, 5 days a week. And that, all year round.

If you already do UE with an ebike, we'd love to hear your experience and tips to share with the community.

As always, we wish you some profitable and enjoyable rides on your electric bike.


The EzyWheel Team

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