What's new for Fall 2020 at EzyWheel ?

Summer 2020 is starting to fade and what a special summer it has been.

Taking the feedback of our earlier customers, we've added improvements to the EzyOne : better and more durable seat, longer mudguards, better quality handles, fully connected rear light and a new color ! We are very satisfied with the quality of the bike and we will continue to listen to the community and bring improvements.

With COVID-19 coming to Canada in March, we've experienced a rapid shift in the way people move within the city. Public transportation is at an all time low, declining up to 90% and commute is shifting to a more secure and easier mode. We've personally seen a huge increase in demand for ebikes. Our summer pre-orders have been sold out months before we received the bikes and we could have served more than 3 times the demand if we had anticipated that public reaction. Unfortunately, all ebike suppliers were facing the same situation : steep increase of demand and factory closing due to the pandemic. This resulted in supply chain bottlenecks and electric bikes shortages across the city.

As in all things in life, there is a lesson here and trust us, we will be ready for next year. Pandemic or not, electric bikes are here to stay. As we are filling up pre-orders for Fall 2020, we are already looking for Spring 2020 and boy oh boy do we have surprises for you. But one thing at a time. We are introducing new batteries to our inventory. You have the opportunity TODAY to pre-order 15Ah and 17,5Ah batteries to offer you longer ranges, explore more of the city or the countryside, visit more friends and family. The 15Ah Samsung lithium ion battery offers you up to 70km range while the 17,5Ah can ride up to 80km.

We are also introducing spare parts like KENDA tires, cushioned seats, mudguard, controllers, so stay tuned and make sure to check the shop if you're interested.

We will close by saying a big thank you for our community, seeing the smiles of our EzyRides really brings sunshine to our hearts. We hope you enjoyed your summer and you stayed safe. As always, we're here for you are eager to any feedback.


The EzyWheel Team.

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